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CEO's message

QGM was born above all from an observation. With numerous surgical or teaching missions on the African continent, it is obvious that these, like many others, offer only ephemeral and local help, without being able to restore autonomy and sustain a breakthrough in the medical field. There are many reasons for this, and even if continuing education is essential, the health infrastructure and equipment, as well as its organisation, do not motivate its actors and restore the confidence of its users. We are seeing the construction of unsuitable health care buildings by their design or size, energy-intensive and expensive, underused due to a lack of qualified personnel. Let us dare to write that unfortunately, too often, black money is only used to make people choose badly...

My dream therefore became to rethink the system and start it from the ground up. Building projects or structures to international standards, in line with the reality of the field, its needs, its demands, and by offering the necessary services such as training, maintenance and management appeared to be the basis of their sustainability and working together, the key to success.

"When we dream alone, it is only a dream; when we dream with others, it is the beginning of reality." I had the chance, from my experiences, to meet people who are competent in their field and who enabled QGM to become real and today to be a voluntary player and a trusted partner.


QGM Holding is surrounded by several departments dedicated to the development of the projects entrusted to it.

Scope of services

  • Sectorial benchmarking
  • Design or renovation of health or social utility buildings
  • Construction follow-up 
  • Layout and equipment
  • Para-medical equipment : negociation, transport, installation, maintenance
  • Supply of pharmaceutical products : negociation, transport, stockpile management
  • Care and maintenance of buildings 
  • Operational monitoring
  • Ongoing staff training : medical, para-medical, administrative, technical
  • Audit et consultancy in all fields (public/private)
  • Fundrasing