QGM Sport and Well-being

innovating project - adapted concept - expertise

Elise Allard - CEO QGM Sport and Well-being 

"Being healthy is not a destination, it's a way of life."

Giving, receiving, sharing

These fundamental virtues are inseparable from sport and well-being. QGM Sport and Well-being contributes to this.

  • Mission

    Design and construction of special infrastructures for sport and well-being. Development of transversal and multidisciplinary care protocols in the health sector: sports clinic, women's clinic, obesity centre, wellness centre with a medical dimension...

    QGM Sport and Well-being has an international network of experts representing each medical discipline to bring a precise and relevant vision to each project.

  • Main goals

    Project design

    • Possibility of involving the network of qualified experts according to the disciplines concerned
    • Development of the project in compliance with modern and evolving good medical and organizational practice
    • Organization of the work environment
    • Declination of the project into an architectural model

    Promotion of the project

    To ensure that the project benefits from an environment favourable to its promotion and proper functioning: definition of an identity, definition of the discourse, choice of communication channels...