QGM Medical Engineering

Installation - servicing - maintenance

Dr. Quentin Gaudissart - CEO QGM Engineering 

"Restoring a building is not maintaining, repairing or rebuilding it, it's restoring it to a condition that may never have existed at any given time." 

To make the tool durably functional.

We can only be happy about an acquisition if we give ourselves the means to enjoy it for a long time.

  • Mission

    All equipment used for the monitoring, diagnosis or treatment of patients meets international safety standards and must always remain in perfect working order. The role of QGM Medical Engineering is to guarantee this. 

    QGM Engineering is also involved in the general maintenance of buildings (periodic maintenance program, maintenance of equipment related to the building ...) from the design of the building to its daily use.

  • Main goals

    Keep medical, paramedical and building equipment operational

    Ensuring the daily availability of equipment, planning and carrying out maintenance, ensuring the traceability of maintenance, controlling the receipt, commissioning and/or re-commissioning of equipment, guaranteeing the safety of patients and nursing staff, carrying out electrical safety and compliance tests, informing users of the risks associated with the use of certain medical devices, organising and applying material vigilance, training users in the use of equipment, etc.  

    Carry out quality tests and technical analyses

    Coordination and information, quality and quantity control, budgetary control, planning control... 

    Optimization of techniques for energy savings and compliance with regulations

    Monitoring and coordination of construction sites