Gwen Marien

Directeur QGM HOLDING – Île Maurice

Co-fondateur et administrateur QGM Medical Services - Bordeaux, France

Co-fondateur & Administrator QGM LOGISTICS - Bruxelles, Belgique

Gwen Marien graduated from the Bordeaux School of Architecture in 2000 and started her own agency in 2002. This career path without any transition in her working life enabled her to very quickly acquire all the cogs and wheels of agency management, as well as the field knowledge essential to successfully complete major projects.

Today, Groupe A40 architects is a team rich in the experience brought by its 9 architects and 10 collaborators. Enriched by the skills of each, the agency works as much for major public and institutional clients as for private projects, whether in France, China, Russia since 2006, Gabon since 2013, Ivory Coast since 2014, or Cameroon since 2017.

Groupe A40 architects, which recently became a partner of QGM Holding, is also a structure that makes every effort to optimize technically and financially the management of medical projects in France and abroad.